PLEASE NOTE: Wild Whiskers Tauranga have now closed our doors to new arrivals.
While we focus on finding homes for those already in care, the charity will continue to provide advice and resources with regard to trapping and/or desexing of true stray and wild cats within Tauranga.



Donations can be made directly into the WWT bank account 

02 0432 0132437 00


Wild Whiskers Tauranga rely solely on the generosity of the community, so your support is vital in helping us to continue to care for all our kitties while they are with us.

Get your family, class, social group or workplace involved in a mufti day, bring your pets to work day, baby photo challenge, quiz night, raffles etc or…

  • Challenge Yourself
    You can register in an existing activity or event or set up your own fundraising page and do your own challenge.
  • In Memoriam
    By choosing Wild Whiskers Tga as the beneficiary of donations in lieu of flowers, you are making a lasting tribute to a loved one.
  • In Celebration
    Asking for donations instead of a gift is an inspiring way to allow family and friends to mark your special occasion and support our cats and kittens.
    A great alternative for any celebration you have in mind, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, christening or naming day.

Raise Awareness

There are many ways you can help to promote better feline welfare:

  • You can promote desexing;
    Did you know that cat desexing reduces the risk of fighting, abscesses and disease, as well as many cancers?
    Desexing before 4 months prevents the development of unwanted behaviours like spraying, wandering and fighting.

  • Respond to ads promoting ‘free’ kittens by educating that there is no such thing as a free kitten;
    You have food, flea & worm treatments, vaccinations, desexing, microchipping and any other vet bills that may arise. It is best to adopt from a local rescue, as it works out cheaper, you’re helping to stop the cycle of unwanted litters and you free up a foster for another kitten in need.

  • Be informed and share your knowledge with friends and family;
    Most people like animals and don’t want them harmed but are uneducated regarding animal welfare issues, such as over population.

  • Report cruelty;
    Find your nearest Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals here

  • Encourage friends, neighbours, colleagues and family to adopt from rescues.

  • Write letters and talk to your local councillors and politicians about feline welfare issues.

  • Lead by example: be a responsible cat owner.