PLEASE NOTE: Wild Whiskers Tauranga have now closed our doors to new arrivals.
While we focus on finding homes for those already in care, the charity will continue to provide advice and resources with regard to trapping and/or desexing of true stray and wild cats within Tauranga.



WWT is a registered charity made up of volunteers whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate & rehome true stray and wild kittens.  Once we are sure that they will become great pets we desex, vaccinate, microchip, flea & worm and put them up for adoption.

The majority of our kittens come from living on the streets, on farms or orchards and have had a rough start to life. Because our fosters are the backbone of Wild Whiskers Tauranga it is our goal to provide the best experience possible. We provide everything necessary including advice & support.

We further serve our community by providing information and resources in regards to trapping, neutering, releasing (TNR) or trapping, euthanasia, disposal (TED), depending on the circumstances of each individual.

For example, we ensure any cat that is to be TNR’d has at least one person feeding regularly and looking out for their general welfare.  

Having a regular food source ensures that individuals are least likely to hunt to sustain their hunger.  Studies overseas have shown that stomach contents of feral cats are mainly made up of insects, reptiles (such as common small snakes & lizards), mice & rats.

We’re all about stopping the cycle of unwanted litters but rely on solely donations, to make our work possible.

Charity Name: Wild Whiskers Tauranga

Charity Registration: CC56493

Bank Account: BNZ 02 0432 0132437 00 

GST Registered: As of 1st October 2020

IRD Number: 127 915 601 

Board Of Trustees

Sharna Asplin


Sharna has always been an avid animal lover and involved in animal welfare, whether in

New Zealand or overseas. After studying Veterinary Nursing in 2016, she started out

rescuing the unwanted kittens that came in through the Veterinary Clinic she worked at.

Sharna soon saw a real need, especially for those stray; wild cats; kittens who fall through the cracks, which is when she decided to bring all of her resources together to form Wild Whiskers Tauranga.



Talia Clark

and intrim secretary

Talia has always been an animal lover and has fostered many cats/kittens over the years for various organizations.

She has two ‘foster fail’ cats of her own that rule her family!

As the newbie on the team she is looking forward to using her finance background to support Wild Whiskas mission as Treasurer.

Talia spends her spare time with her Family and Friends and enjoys traveling and good food.

Beverley Edwards


Bev has a sole practice in Tauranga, is a Senior Solicitor at Employers; Manufacturer Association and lectures Law at Toi Ohomai.

Bev combines this with her love of animals, offering pro bono advice to the New Zealand Animal Law Association, as well as being the legal adviser on the WWT board.

Bev also advocates for the equal treatment of homeless and hungry people.