PLEASE NOTE: Wild Whiskers Tauranga have now closed our doors to new arrivals.
While we focus on finding homes for those already in care, the charity will continue to provide advice and resources with regard to trapping and/or desexing of true stray and wild cats within Tauranga.



Found a stray kitten or litter?
Before getting involved, consider…

Clean & well fed- Mum is likely around = Leave untouched to see if Mum comes back.

Dirty or Underweight – Likely orphaned = need’s your help.

Sick or Injured – SPCA.

0-5 weeks – Kittens should be kept with their Mum.

5-8 weeks – Crucial socialisation period.

8+ weeks – No longer a kitten.

Safe – Mum is around or someone is able to care for and food & shelter is available.

Unsafe – No one is caring for the kitten &/or kitten is exposed to weather or hazards.

Are you able to care for these kittens &/or know of someone who can.


Need to first ensure that the cat/s are in fact stray.  

This can be done by;

  • Posting to social media
  • Attaching a ‘found cat’ collar, if able to 
  • Asking neighbours
  • Doing a mailbox flyer drop
  • Contacting the SPCA and local vet clinics

Please note that an animal must be held &/or advertised for 10 days before it can be uplifted.


Make a plan

Once it is established that the cat/s are in fact stray, we need to determine what will happen once the cat/s are caught.  There are three options;

  • TNR – Trap, Neuter, Release 

MUST be returned to where trapped.

  • TED – Trap, Euthanise, Dispose

If sick, injured, a nuisance or at risk.

  • RRR – Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome 

Generally if under 8 weeks old but depends on temperament.