PLEASE NOTE: Wild Whiskers Tauranga have now closed our doors to new arrivals.
While we focus on finding homes for those already in care, the charity will continue to provide advice and resources with regard to trapping and/or desexing of true stray and wild cats within Tauranga.



Kittens are advertised on our Facebook page as they become available. Please note that general applications will not be accepted.

Adopting a kitten is a great way to help reduce the population of stray and wild kittens, give a kitten a second chance at a happy life, and gain a loving new companion all at the same time.

If you choose to continue with your adoption, we do ask for an Adoption Donation of $160 for a singleton or $300 for a pair. This helps us to cover the costs of desexing, microchip insertion, their first vaccination, up to date flea and worm treatments, six weeks free pet insurance (if the kitten is under 20 weeks) and a take home goodie bag to help get you started.

Barn Cats

Unfortunately not all of our rescues are suited to the indoor life.
That’s why we are often on the look out for outdoor homes for our Barn Cats.

Ever considered using an all natural pest control?

We have healthy, spayed and neutered cats in desperate need of outdoor homes. These cats are unsocial to humans and are best suited to live on a farm, lifestyle block, orchard, vineyard, horse stables or other suitable outdoor location.

Veterinary care has been given to all our barn cats to ensure they are healthy and desexed before arriving at their new home.

Your responsibility will be to provide daily food, water and protection from the elements. They will repay you by keeping your pest population down.

After a short period of secure confinement, the cat will learn that this is their new home. WWT will assist you while the cat makes this transition.

Please help us save a feral cat’s life and message the Facebook page for more information.