PLEASE NOTE: Wild Whiskers Tauranga have now closed our doors to new arrivals.
While we focus on finding homes for those already in care, the charity will continue to provide advice and resources with regard to trapping and/or desexing of true stray and wild cats within Tauranga.

Kitten Adoption Application

Adoption Application - Kitten
(please note applications that do not have named kitten/s will not be processed)
Have you had any pets in the past?
Do you have a current Vet?
Are you renting?
If yes we will need you to email with a copy of your landlords written permission. Please use your full name as reference when sending the email.
Terms of Agreement:
By clicking I Agree you agree for Wild Whiskers Tauranga to contact and check references provided. Wild Whiskers Tauranga may ask to sight and or record your driver’s licence or passport before the application proceeds. Wild Whiskers Tauranga reserves the right to refuse any applicant and will not enter into any further correspondence. Wild Whiskers Tauranga reserves the right to uplift the animal should any issues arise or we feel it is not being looked after properly. Wild Whiskers Tauranga is not responsible for any future health issues or costs resulting from such. By submitting this application, I agree that the information provided is true and correct. (Providing untruthful answers or failure to comply with the requirements of the application can result in the forfeit of the adoption)